Jennifer Love Hewitt's hairstyles

pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt's hairstyles
Jennifer Love Hewitt looks great in all of them, long hair, short hair, dark, light, it seems it doesn't matterClassic Breakfast at Tiffany's hair! Jennifer follows the classic style of Audrey Hepburn. Short bangs and an updo, looks like a French twist.
Jennifer Love Hewitt French twist
Jennifer Love Hewitt French twistJennifer with red auburn hair highlights
Jennifer with red auburn hair  highlightsJennifer Love Hewitt with short black curly hair. Possible wig! Still, she can wear it! It has a perfect 1920's feel to it. Love the drop earrings with the short hair
short black wave hairstyle
short black wave hairstyleJennifer Love Hewitt with long black hair. Looks a lot like Courtney Cox's hair in this photo.
long black hairstyle with side swept bangs
long black hairstyle with side swept bangs

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